AlgaeFarm, a new section within the AquaFarm fair, is an event dedicated to algae growing which – in the two days of the event – wants to give a greater visibility to the sector of algaculture, already present in previous editions of the show.

Algae cultivation: a world to discover

AlgaeFarm will present the professionals of the algaculture supply chain with the opportunity for discussion and experience exchange on this constantly growing sector. This is an event that not only offers the opportunity to meet industry operators, but also to participate in conferences and debates on research, development of technologies for the cultivation and application of algae and microalgae.

A special focus will cover the future scenarios and the many areas of use of microalgae: from human and animal nutrition to the production of sustainable energy and biofuel, up to applications in the circular economy and in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

Algaculture and the Blue Economy

The production and processing of algae and microalgae is finding ever greater opportunities for growth and development. Promoted by the European Union for the development of the Blue Economy and the bioeconomy, algaculture offers possibilities for implementation in many areas, such as agriculture and the urban environment, guaranteeing sustainable production, above all because it does not require high-value soil and has low CO2 emissions.

A sector worth knowing, which will give you the opportunity at the same time to visit AquaFarm, the international exhibition-conference dedicated to aquaculture and the fishing industry, and NovelFarm, the most important Italian event on new cultivation techniques, soilless and vertical farming.

Take part in AlgaeFarm!

AlgaeFarm offers operators the possibility of confrontation with all professionals in the supply chain: an opportunity to meet supply and demand, for professional updating and networking.

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An entire area dedicated to the vertical farming, soilless and new growing systems sectors.