MEDIA PARTNER – Eurofishmarket

Solutions, answers, useful suggestions to improve your business. ” Eurofishmarket” will talk to producers, aquacultures operators, fishermen, large retailers , consumers associations, control bodies (Ministries, ASL, IZS), the Universities and research centers. Everyone will be able to openly exchange opinions and share their experiences. Like every proper “Eurofishmarket”, the magazine will discuss the new “products” from every “sea”.  It will provide information on the emerging problems, on the new market trends, on the more recent or under discussion regulations, both at national and community level. It will also promote research projects useful for everyone, motivating their sponsorships.

Our aim is to build a link, a bridge between the scientific world and the public institutions, the sector companies and the consumers. Also, beyond the “controllers” and the “controlled”, to solve the problems together in the common interest.