Alsted Niels


Presidente del Comitato mangimi, FEFAC


Il continuo impegno per l’innovazione e la sostenibilità in acquacoltura dei produttori di mangimi europei: cosa ci attende

The European fishfeed producers has over the years been very active in developing safe, nutritional and sustainable products for the support of European Aquaculture.

The foodsafety standards based on European legislation are the highest and thereby the tightest in the world, this is fundamental to achieve consumer confidence.

The environmental impact of producing fish is very much, but not limited to, the discharge of nutrient to the environment. This is to a high degree controlled via formulation of diets based on the knowledge of what’s the fish need and what is available/digested and metabolized via the raw material. What is not kept by the fish is wasted to be either collected or discharged to the environment. The knowledge about this is why fish feed companies spend huge amount of money on research. This has improved FCR and Growth over the years and reduced cost of production and made the value chain less depended on specific scare raw material like fishmeal and oil.

The focus on sustainable aquaculture contain a focus on fish feed via the raw materials. The need for documented sustainable raw material is part of our future. People request to know what they are eating and where its coming from, its not enough that it is safe and nutritional healthy. The impact on the environment during farming/harvesting and processing is part of our future. The transparent documentation of the environmental footprint such as Co2 emission, land use and general social and environmental impact are part of the new generation of farmed fish.

Transparent 3rd party auditable standards are now available for feed producers like Best Aquaculture Practice; and the upcoming ASC feed standard to document this and can be used all over the world which include focus on the raw material used in the diets

The interaction between nutrition, farming condition and fish health is increasingly important with new and more intensive production methods and will also have more focus in the future.

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