Branduardi Paola


Professore associato in chimica delle fermentazioni e biotecnologie industriali, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Sessione: Le alghe al lavoro: stato dell’arte e ricerca

Conversione microbica di glicerolo grezzo in ingredienti per mangimi per pesci

Chiara Pesciaroli, Diletta Ami, Arianna Salvetti, Massimo Labra, Paola Branduardi

Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, 20126 Milan, Italy

The global demand of fish products is growing fast (3.2% growth on year basis). Consequently, aquaculture market is increasing too. One of the major limitation is the supply of Fish Meal (FM) and Fish Oil (FO), which are the main components of fish feed, and whose price is consequently rising. In this context, the final aim of the MYSUSHI project (Microalgae and Yeasts SUStainable fermentation for HIgh quality fish feed formulation) is to replace FO with Microbial Oil (MO). MO is produced by a biotechnological process that involves the ability of oleaginous microorganisms, such as microalgae and yeasts, to convert crude glycerol from the biodiesel industry into nutraceutics, mainly long chain fatty acids (such as DHA) and carotenoids. Therefore, the project follows the logic of Circular Bioeconomy, valorizing and up-grading an industrial waste that is also a potential pollutant. Here we report the optimization of the fermentation processes together with analysis of lipids accumulation by flow cytometry and FTIR. GC analyses were performed for completing and confirming the quali-quantitative profiles. The final aim will be the formulation of novel fish feed to be tested in aquaculture, following and monitoring different physiological parameters together with biomarkers.

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