Groot Ruben

Giovedì 20 febbraio | 14.00 – 15.30
Sala Del Pesce

Team leader Quality and Nutrition, Alltech Coppens

As team leader quality and nutrition at Alltech Coppens Ruben is responsible for maintaining the high quality of the almost 400 different products produced here. In his daily work Ruben leads a team of dedicated people focussing on physical and nutritional quality. Activities are amongst others, formulating feeds for all fish species and establishing and maintaining product quality parameters. Ruben is also part of the R&D team at Coppens to help make sure that the applied research done at the ACAC (Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre) can directly be applied in the feed formulation. Next to this Ruben provides nutritional support to the sales department and assists in the development of new products using the applied research at the ACAC.
In September 2018 Ruben also started a PhD with the title “Exploring the use of net energy evaluation for salmonids” next to his job as team leader quality and nutrition. This concept of net energy has already been implemented in the feed formulation of Alltech Coppens by Ruben and has led to further assuring constant quality of feed between batches.


Sostenibilità ed economia circolare dell’acquacoltura

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