Idà Antonio


Responsabile ricerca e sviluppo del progetto e-BioPond


 L’integrazione di sistemi elettromeccanici microbici in coltivazioni a vasca di microalghe per il trattamento di acque reflue ad elevato contenuto organico

Antonino Idà1, Alessandra Colombo2, Giovanni Rusconi Clerici2, Marta Rebecchi1, Stefano Lanzoni1, Andrea Schievano2

1 – Algaria srl, Piazzale Aquileia 6, 20144 Milano (Italy)

2 – e-BioCenter, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Celoria 2, 20133 Milano (Italy)

Algaria developed, together with an important innovation partner (e-BioCenter – University of Milan), an innovative wastewater treatment technology based on photosynthetic microorganisms, through the integration of microbial fuel cells in regular raceways-like ponds: the e- BioPond® concept. The e-BioPond® uses the electro-osmotic force generated by the bio-electrochemical system, to recover nutrients and oxidize organic carbon, while separating (pore size < 0.5 µm) the anaerobic bacterial community from the microalgae bulk culture. This helps in obtaining higher-quality microalgal biomass and keep culture species selectivity, as compared to state-of-the-art technology for wastewater treatment with microalgae. This technology was recently funded with a grant by the Neptune consortium (H2020, Grant Agreement 691554 for SMEs). Algaria is willing to investigate the creation of new value chains through the valorization of microalgae biomass produced by recovering nutrients and carbon from wastewater treatment. The biomass thus produced could be valorized in different way, as biostimulants/fertilizers, pigment extraction (phycocyanin from Arthrospira Maxima, as first goal of this project), animal feed and bioplastics. Exploring and testing the market of the obtained microalgae biomass and extracts will be the aim of this project, with the supports of several stakeholders.


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