Jens Peter


Director PuraNatura Foundation, th Netherlands


 Legislazione sul biologico: bene pubblico o occasione di scontro?

Heated discussions fueled the process towards a new European Organic regulation. Ideals and ideology fought for inclusion into the novel regulatory framework. Hydroculture, substrate-, out-of-soil-, aquaponics and hydroponics in protected environments are deemed, by some traditionalists as non-organic. The only argument being that these types of cultivation cannot be organic because plants (and more importantly, their roots-) are not connected to the bedrock of the earth, and hence, not natural.

This is stance is laudable, for bio-dynamic growers with their hard work, strong beliefs and great results. At the same time this stance is certainly laughable, when it would be incorporated in public organic regulations for commercial and large scale production.

Official European regulation on organic production must be based on similarities at productlevel (clean, nutritious, sustainable-) and based on what we know now and can measure.

Private organic can be based on differences between production methods and based on what one believes or wants.

In his presentation Peter will give some information on cultivation methods and how nature keeps surprising us. He will also highlight how PuraNatura Foundation will use the novel legislation to increase marketshare not only in the United States of America but also in the European Union using its novel cultivation methods.

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