Mar Marcos-López


Veterinario, FishVet Group Ireland


Strumenti di diagnostica rapida in acquacoltura

Disease is the most significant hurdle for the sustainability and growth of the aquaculture industry due to factors such as poor fish performance, mortalities and cost of treatments. Routine health assessments and monitoring at farm level should be undertaken as well as investigation of disease outbreaks, and diagnostic techniques need to be reliable, rapid and contribute to decision making. Innovative and improved diagnostic tools for the aquaculture industry are being developed in order to improve sampling efficiency and enrich disease surveillance and diagnosis, including rapid on-farm test kits and remote access technology. FVG BioSystems, an initiative by Fish Vet Group, has developed lateral-flow cassettes for the detection of nervous necrosis virus and mobile PCR (cPCR) kits and machines for the detection of several fish pathogens. Both systems are designed to be used at farm level and results are achieved in under 10 minutes for the lateral-flow cassettes and under 60 minutes for the cPCR. Also novel to aquaculture, but widely used in human and veterinary medicine, is the use of digital histopathology. The virtual scanning of histology slides allows a rapid, remote access and consultation of cases among pathologists, resulting in an improved service for the industry. In addition, image and morphometric analysis of digital slides provide a more sensitive and accurate histological evaluation, required for farm trials to assess variances and effects between different treatments, diets or genetic strains.

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