Zöllner Thomas


Vice Presidente, Association for Vertical Farming


BRUSSELS: riqualificazione di un macello storico con nuovi sistemi di produzione alimentare!

Vertical farming is usually seen as a futuristic technology. It is also somewhat controversial.

Many experts regard it as a low profit-potential activity. This is due to high fixed costs, such as the installation of equipment; and high variable costs, such as energy and labour.

That said, vertical and circular farming can be beneficial in and around cities. Circular vertical farming is more than just food production. It can reduce the city’s carbon footprint and help deal with waste streams, all whilst generating employment and improving well-being for the local population.

The Abattoir is an existing project, under constant development, which aims to combine different production systems such as aquaponic greenhouses, mushroom production, rooftop gardens. The authors of this paper aim to add to The Abattoir’s current plans by exploring the feasibility of using organic waste from the nearby market as an input. This is to be done primarily by black soldier flies. In this way, The Abattoir can become more circular.

In this paper, the authors propose several possible setup configurations for the circular system. One of these possible setups will then be examined in terms of technical and financial feasibility. The technical part involves mass balances, using conversion ratios found in literature and in practice. The financial part will look at yield and revenue, as these are variables that will scale approximately linearly with building volume. These results will be used as soon as more is known about the building in which production is to take place.

In addition to this, the paper will present some constraints for the implementation of the vertical farm. These are mainly related to its spatial configuration, being in an urban setting. Both the technical and financial analyses are still being finished at the moment. To make reasonable estimates, more information will be needed. The Association for Vertical Farming is going to organise a workshop in which this can be further discussed and developed. Once the conclusions are clear, the next step is to look at the practical implementation of this project

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