Canziani Stefano

Title: CEO Association/Company: Algreen B.V > Professional profile Speech sessionALGAEFARM – Biomass: selection, modification and production of microalgae SpeechExtremophile Microalgae, state of the art and new prospects

Moro Andrea

Title: president Association/Company: LIVEGREEN Biography:Andrea Moro, master degree in Industrial Engineering, has been working in the microalgae sector since 2008. In the past he was Chief Operating Officer and after became Chief Executive Officer at Microlife, the Italian pioneer company in the microalgae sector, contributing to the growth and commercialization of microalgae products. Andrea Moro […]

Bravi Marco

Title: associate professor Association/Company: Sapienza Università di Roma Biography:I am an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering (Process Equipment Design), Charged of Food and Biochemical Engineering and Nanobiotechnology in Sapienza University di Roma and Winery Biorefinery and Waste Management at University of Padua as an adjunct professor. My research has dealt with industrial biotechnology and bioreactors […]

Abiusi Fabian

Title: postdoctoral researcher Association/Company: Laboratory of Sustainable Food Processing, ETH Zürich > Professional profile Speech sessionThe uses of microalgae: industry, food, pharma, environment, energy SpeechVolcanic Proteins AbstractGaldieria sulphuraria is considered one of the most promising microalgae for food applications. In this study, we compared two strains of G. sulphuraria cultivated autotrophically and mixotrophically over 35 […]

Vona Danilo

Title: researcher/assistant professor Association/Company: Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro” Biography:Danilo Vona holds a degree in Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemical and Molecular Sciences. Danilo is currently a researcher in Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari “Aldo Moro” (Italy), in the research group of Prof. Gianluca Maria Farinola. He […]

Ficara Elena

Title: professor Association/Company: Politecnico di Milano > Professional profile Speech sessionThe uses of microalgae: industry, food, pharma, environment, energy SpeechMicroalgae in the bioremediation of industrial and urban wastewater: where are we now? AbstractThe applications of microalgae and algae/bacteria consortia in the biological treatment of urban and industrial wastewater are potentially large, ranging from the assimilation/removal […]