Animal Health Law Workshop

Refresher course by IZS Venezie (National Reference Center for Ichiopathology) and API (Italian Fish Farmers Association).

The new FEAMPA fund: innovations and new programs

The European support fund for fisheries and aquaculture, the latter explicitly recognized on equal foot for the first time, enters a new program cycle. An introduction to the news and opportunities that will dominate local aquaculture policies in the coming years. Moderator: Marco Gilmozzi, Past President, FEAP National strategic plan 2021 – 2027 by MIPAAF […]

Microalgae applications

Microalgae apps. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, food and nutraceutics The uses of microalgae biomass and active ingredients are spreading more rapidly in those applications where average prices can be high, in other words those that are used in first person by humans. Main topics The world market for algae-based food European research projects The new […]

Aquaculture 4.0: technologies and innovations

Digital innovation has progressively made its entry into aquaculture in the last few years. Now, driven by new management and market needs and technological evolution, the trend is accelerating. A panorama of a varied but disruptively creative phenomenon. Main topics Monitoring of the farming environment Real-time control for management and planning Data and their use […]

SOS costs! The rising cost of energy in food production

The post-pandemic restart led to an unexpected phenomenon: industrial inflation. Starting with energy, but cascading to other factors of production, such as oxygen, technical gasses in general, and plastics, the recurring costs of fish farming activities are growing. The same is happening in the other controlled environment food production sectors, from hydroponics to algae culture. […]